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For more than 20 years, we have always adhered to the concept of "advocating green consumption, protecting family health", striving to improve the quality of life of Chinese families and creating a comfortable and peaceful home environment for your family.

 Green choices,toward a healthier tomorrow...

    Everyone is aware that the climate is changing.The general temperature increase,affecting living creatures,including insects.This modification toward a tropical climate can cause positive effective on mosquitos.These insects,in addition to cause annoying skin irritations with their bites,can transmit several diseases.

    In the 20 years of China Confidence daily Corporation since its founding,has began the development of insecticides,also expanded its operations from insecticides to housed,electron and industrial products,in order to help improve the general living situation in world.China Confidence has used unique technologies to make insecticide products safer and more effective,and as a manufacturer of household products,conducts research day in day out ,in order to shield life and health from these and other everyday dangers.

     In accordance with our slogan"Initiate green consume,protect family health",we give our all to creating a brand-Chang hong,that means value that can*dou;t be found anywhere else.


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Electric heat liquid mosquito incense has: no smoke, no odor, no ash, no pollution; the use of PTC heating source safety; use time as you like, use time to send electricity, no time when the use of power, very convenient. A bottle of medicament can be used continuously for 300h (affected by PCT temperature), and can be produced without mechanical equipment.

The electric heating film mosquito repellent incense has no smoke, no smell, no ash and no pollution. The use of PTC heating source is safe and hygienic, and the product is easy to transport.

    有效成分:总有效成分含量25mg/片 炔丙菊酯(prallethrin)8mg/片 右旋烯丙菊酯(d-allethrin)17mg/片
    Active ingredient:
    Totale Active Ingredient 25g/mat

    prallethrin 8mg/mat
    ITEM NO.: TZN-002
    SPEC: 长虹牌“1+1”拖线套装
    Model: 无味型
    TYPES: mosquito-repelling series Mos
    echnical Parameters:
    1. Rated voltage:110/220v
    2. Rated temperature: 105℃ (can change the te

Knowledge Of Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes are a kind of "blood sucking worm" that Chinese people hate very much. People have been disgusted with this insect for a long time. The oldest mosquito repellent incense is the first used insecticide. It appeared in the Southern Song Dynasty hundreds of years ago as a mosquito repellent stick. The invention of mosquito repellent incense may be related to the custom of the Dragon Boat Festival and the custom of burning incense and sacrifices. "Jingchu year old Ji" records: "Dragon Boat Festival four people step on a hundred grass, pick AI to think of people, hanging on the house, poison gas." In the early days of the Dragon Boat Festival, people used to dip in the male wine in addition to the wormwood at the door. This may make the air fresher, and then prevent mosquito bites.


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